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Time flies

Its really difficult to comprehend how quick life goes by.  It seems to be at an accelerated pace since I turned 40 ish.

At any rate a year ago today a friend and colleague had a massive heart attack.  He got out of the hospital and changed his life to a healthier one.   He ate better, immediately quit smoking and started to exercise.

Today we were fortunate enough to Run the Steam Whistle, St Patrick’s day 5 km run in downtown Toronto with him.    It was a great experience and a real eye opener.     He ran the 5 km in sub 30  minutes which is really quite fantastic.

The year flew by.     We can do almost anything with careful planning in a year.    It really gives me pause…………what do I want to achieve this year.

Time to make a list!

Pok Pok

IMG_20140917_183209Any foodie would be sadly remiss if they didnt eat on Division St in Portland Oregon at 3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202, United States
+1 503-232-1387

The Honey, garlic and fish sauce marinated wings are stupid good. Chili sauteed greens and the pork belly with bhurmese curry! sticky rice and….i ate too much. even after a 14 mile 2500 calorie burning mountain run im stuffed. Division street is a cool stroll in the evening. lots of little restaurants and the funny “food truck court” is special.

Love this little city

Back to the Blog

Its been a crazy couple of years, but hopefully things are levelling out a bit as business continues to grow, but allows me some time to get back to blogging about some of the amazing culinary experiences there are in this world.    Stay Tuned

GUU Restaurant Toronto

I will eat there tonight and write tomorrow


Try a Tri

So todays my Birthday.  It is also 1 year ago today when i decided to remove all activities from my life that werent earning me income or spending time with family.  Its been a tough year of hundred hour weeks but ive managed to grow a new business without any investment other than my time.  That business is wildly successful and now i hope to start back into having a bit of a life.  As a result my training has been sporadic.  ive maintained some fitness but no where near where i was 1 year ago when i had completed a 100 mile run among many marathons and 50s   today as a birthday present to myself i did a little Triathalon.   I mixed the order a bit and did a 30 km bike, a 21 km run and a 1 km swim……………..felt great.  Ive been reading alot about Ironmans and know i need to experiance it for sure.  My goal hasnt changed in wanting to run the toughest Ultra Marathon in the world also but for training i will be implementing swimming and cycling in an effort to be fit but not get injured as often………………so in 2 weeks im supposed to run ” The age of Sail” Marathon in Port Graville NS.  Its a beautiful course with amazing people at the Aid stations.  Organized by none other then my Mom and Sister Ava!    The food afterwords is awesome.  and a cool dip in the Bay of Fundy will certainly reenvigorate you…no need for ice baths!   At any rate i may chicken out and do a 1/2 as i certainly havent trained for the full but knowing my personality that may change…a 1/2 isnt extreme is it?  lol…………..whats life if im not extreme!!!

Coming Soon


coming soon

Right Some Good…..World Class Culinary Event in Cape Breton

Right Some Good Unveils Exquisite Event Menus

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 29, 2011 (Halifax, N.S., Canada)     

Right Some Good is launching mouthwatering menus, featuring delicious local ingredients from the sea, fields and forests of Cape Breton island. The dishes are unique and the pairings innovative, while each menu brings a distinctive flavour to each aspect of the Right Some Good foodie adventure.

This first of its kind series of culinary events will hit Cape Breton this summer, beginning August 25 and running until September 4 in unconventional locations throughout the island. Each event is spearheaded by an innovative culinary team, consisting of a world-class international chef, an inspired local chef and a promising junior chef.

The menus have been developed by the event’s international chefs, who hail from as far away as Peru, Hong Kong and all over Europe and as close as Vancouver and Los Angeles. They feature unique combinations like Scallop Ceviche on Grilled Watermelons, Fennel and Seaweed dusted Sole Fillets and Rhubarb Glazed Bras d’Or Pork Rack. They also show new twists on local favourites like the Mira Bay Lobster stuffed with shellfish butter and decadent Maple Apple Dumplings. All 10 custom menus focus on ingredients indigenous to Cape Breton, creating a demand for local products and exposing suppliers to new local and international markets.

“These menus are indicative of the talent and creativity of our internationally-renowned chefs,” says the event’s culinary director Chef Stefan Czapalay. “These menus truly showcase the amazing foodie experiences that we will see in Cape Breton this summer for Right Some Good. Now that the international chefs have created these menus, it will be even more interesting to see how the local and junior chefs prepare these one-of-a-kind dishes.”

Today, event organizers have released 7 of the 10 event menus. Chef Alvin Leung a.k.a the Demon Chef from Hong Kong, acclaimed ceviche creator Chef Javier Vargas Guimray from Peru and award-winning U.K. Chef Atul Kocchar are the final three menus remaining. These three innovators have been fastidiously developing their menus and trying out Cape Breton ingredients to create perfection on a plate. Their creations will be  unique, stunning and executed with precision. The final three menus will be unveiled on Right Some Good social media channels in the next two weeks, amid much speculation! To stay on the cutting edge follow on Twitter @RightSomeGood and become a fan on Facebook.

Event tickets are now on sale online at Tickets range from $55-$150, depending on the event. Tickets are being sold on a first come, first serve basis. Information about the 10-day culinary adventures, chefs bios, culinary competitions and more can be found at

Right Some Good is the ultimate culinary experience and an incredible Cape Breton island-wide celebration of all that is special about the region.


For more information please contact:

Shane Wamboldt

Right Some Good

(902) 463-0621

Jenny Gammon

Rapport Communications Inc.

(902) 495-7414




84 Yorkville Ave

Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1B9

416 926 1010

Diana and i were thrilled that the weather was finally nice enough that the patio tables and chairs were out in Yorkville yesterday.  One of our favorite spring and summer activities on the weekends after my long runs is to take the subway down town and stroll around Yorkville “people watching” and grab a bite to eat and a glass of wine ( Diana the wine, me lots and lots of water)

Our usual place was full, and the patio at ONE is shaded until about 5 PM.  we happened along SORREL a restaurant which only opened in September 2010 and took the only vacant seat on the Patio.

Sorrel is one of my favorite herbs as it’s the first to poke up in the spring after the long winter without fresh greens.  Its sour green leaves were made famous in high-end dining by the Trois Gros brothers of the Eponymous Restaurant in Roanne France whose Salmon Sorrel was copied by many.

This seemed like a good selection for our first Springtime lunch as well.

The owner Faro Chiniforoush was there actively greeting guests and busing the occasional table as any good chef owner would/should be.

Faro, the former chef of Prego, a high volume chic restaurant which used to be the  popular hangout at the edge of Yorkville.

We had a simple lunch of White beans with Chorizo, Fried chicken livers with balsamic glaze and fennel and apple salad, a steak frits and a rendition of a Caesar salad with shrimp.  All excellent.  All well presented and ultra fresh.

We had a great afternoon and the prices were very reasonable.

I fear due to the great service, delicious food that getting a seat here on a weekend afternoon will be extremely difficult.  I certainly look forward to several more afternoons there this spring/summer.

Colborne Lane


Chef Claudio Aprile’s critically acclaimed restaurant in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
I finally made it to this gastronomic temple in downtown Toronto.    I have eaten claudios food in the past at Senses and knew him to be an excellant cook, but had never made it into his flagship.  
We often eat at Origin ( his casual restaurant close by) Diana and i mainly eat out at lunch time.
At any rate i had heard from a few people and read in a few reviews that the staff could be a bit snobbish!   Well there is nothing further from true.
From the moment we knocked on the door one Saturday afternoon to make the reservation to the moment we ate and left the restaurant last Saturday night, the staff were nothing but friendly gracious and professional.
Upon arrival we had a bit of a “wardrobe malfunction” and Glen the host was ever so helpful and made us feel at ease.
Our server who hailed from Nova Scotia was present just enough to take care of us without intrustion and although busy took time to answer any and all my questions.
Often i will only have water in a restaurant and Diana one or two glasses of wine to which many of the snobbish servers will groan, however not even a blink here.
Although the chef wasnt on the line this night his team do an excellant job.
The food came out in a perfect succession of dishes and at the perfect pace.   The flavors were fresh and bright.  The ingredients at the top of thier quality.
We both loved the dish with Salmon and radish , as well as the amazing lamb.
I found that the presentations were very beautiful and the food tasted as it looked.  There were small touches of Molecular Gastronomy but not any over manipulated food.
I certainly know i will not wait so long to return to this wonderful restaurant.  If coming to Toronto plan ahead and make a reservation as this is not a big spot.
Of course